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die meisten Seitenbesucher sprechen kein Deutsch, interessieren sich aber trotzdem auch für die Beiträge. Es wäre daher toll, wenn Du Beiträge in englisch verfassen könntest, falls sie inhaltlich von allgemeinem Interesse sind.
Vielen Dank

(  2021-10-30 20:58:42
Hi everybody,

I intend to make a replacement SDSV module for all 5 modes. I have reached the
inevitable sticking point - the cymbals and hi-hat modules. I need to lay my
hands on them to see which components are fitted (all PCBs generated from the
same artwork). I also need to get a copy of the eprom. I have the kit to so
this. Can anybody help. Will travel in the UK. Thanks. PS I'll send all info I
get for inclusion on this site.

(  2021-10-30 12:30:40
Hi, I'm wondering if you may be willing to offer some advice on the viability of
restoring an SDS7 which I have just bought. I'm in over my head! Many thanks,

2021-03-28 20:34:46
I also wanted to say what a great website. Brings back lots of memories.
Unfortunately one memory is of dumping an SDS6 and Clap Trap in the wheelie-bin,
back in the days before Ebay!

2021-03-28 13:15:38
I'm late to the party - but just wanted to say that Troffmeister was correct
about the location of the Simmons building from your crusade to St Albans. It is
where the current VW garage is located. I worked there for 2 years and my office
was right where the big VW logo is.

Hi Paul,
yes, thanks. The party is stll going on ;-)
I wanted to correct this article for a long time. Now finally I did. Thanks for your trigger

Matt Sauer
(  2021-03-11 04:39:44
Hi, great site! I just got an SDE Expander and am looking for Voices Handbook in
PDF and any "latest" OS. Thanks! Matt

(  2021-03-09 15:11:36
Hi There!
Thanks again!I Love this Wonderful Site about Simmons Electronics-
I want to ask you expert:How to build a midi cable for Cassette's Load/Save
Something on the market you suggest?

Nicholas G Raisz
(  2020-10-05 08:19:45 home
wicked cool site

(BRENT@SPOD.COM.AU)  2020-07-24 06:17:29
Hi, I'm after the simmons BIN files for my SDS1. I have a burner, but am
after some things to burn! I can't see them on your site anymore, do you still
have them? Thanks!

(  2020-03-10 19:07:52
Something about the look of these Simmons drums from this era that hasn't been
matched by anything today, including the big names like Roland, Alesis and
Yamaha. The design is exceptional and really gives off great stage presence,
more than any other electronic drum kit in my opinion. The Weeknd used it on his
SNL performance in March 2020 and it still looked amazing.

(  2020-02-16 08:38:45
Hi, I have a wonderful Simmons SDSV. I still use it in my Vintage Studio.
Unfortunately, the plastic button covers are already very tired. Please help
where to find replacement plastic covers. Or replace the complete switch
buttons. I don't want my friend Simmons to stop working. Thank you very much.