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Matt Sauer
(  2021-03-11 04:39:44
Hi, great site! I just got an SDE Expander and am looking for Voices Handbook in
PDF and any "latest" OS. Thanks! Matt

(  2021-03-09 15:11:36
Hi There!
Thanks again!I Love this Wonderful Site about Simmons Electronics-
I want to ask you expert:How to build a midi cable for Cassette's Load/Save
Something on the market you suggest?

Nicholas G Raisz
(  2020-10-05 08:19:45 home
wicked cool site

(BRENT@SPOD.COM.AU)  2020-07-24 06:17:29
Hi, I'm after the simmons BIN files for my SDS1. I have a burner, but am
after some things to burn! I can't see them on your site anymore, do you still
have them? Thanks!

(  2020-03-10 19:07:52
Something about the look of these Simmons drums from this era that hasn't been
matched by anything today, including the big names like Roland, Alesis and
Yamaha. The design is exceptional and really gives off great stage presence,
more than any other electronic drum kit in my opinion. The Weeknd used it on his
SNL performance in March 2020 and it still looked amazing.

(  2020-02-16 08:38:45
Hi, I have a wonderful Simmons SDSV. I still use it in my Vintage Studio.
Unfortunately, the plastic button covers are already very tired. Please help
where to find replacement plastic covers. Or replace the complete switch
buttons. I don't want my friend Simmons to stop working. Thank you very much.

(  2020-01-20 20:01:19
Hi, I have a musicaide ep very early module is be wondering if you could help
identify. Thanks

(  2020-01-08 17:20:01
Great site.
Reading it since 2005.

simon browne
(  2019-12-23 18:21:50
I have an sds2000 . does anyone a service manual for it or circuit diagrams
...thank you

Tony Clark
(  2019-12-12 13:46:08
Thought I would chime in as a owner of a full SDS7 kit including the MTM and
EPB1. All work great except for battery problems with the SDS7 that I have to
sort out.