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die meisten Seitenbesucher sprechen kein Deutsch, interessieren sich aber trotzdem auch für die Beiträge. Es wäre daher toll, wenn Du Beiträge in englisch verfassen könntest, falls sie inhaltlich von allgemeinem Interesse sind.
Vielen Dank

(  2017-03-29 01:47:05
eBay Listing Number for SDX Brain: 252833320804

Happy Bidding !

Ben Gibson
(  2017-03-23 07:11:14
Absolutely love your site. Thank you for putting so much work into it. I have
wanted an SDS 9 so bad since the mid 80s. I carried it's brochures around with
me for years. So glad to see some of them on your site, as I have since lost
mine. I also got to play the SDX when it came out, played on it in the Midi Drum
Center, a small electronic drum store in downtown Hollywood. I was 14 yrs old,
and I distinctly remember the kit was for sale for $10,000. I have home video
of it; boy was I shy. :)

(  2017-03-10 05:51:08
I got a working SDX Brain for sale anyone? (canada)

(  2017-02-17 06:59:01
In desperate need of SDX service manual. I am sooo close to getting mine running
! Please help if you can ..

(  2017-01-29 01:33:50
I finally got a Simmons SDS 8 I'm looking to restore it. Do you know where I can
get the K85 rotary knobs in the US? Do you have tips on cleaning the SDS 8?

James Wilson
(  2016-09-28 04:57:44
Love the site! I recently acquired an sds8 kit. It is missing the bass drum
spurs. I would love to be able to find a pair. I would even take a schematic to
in order to have a set of spurs made. Cheers!

(  2016-08-02 15:31:53
Hi I have a 7 piece Simmons kit in red sd7 also 3tama hex pads on pearl rack,
running kit thru a ales is d4 brain, all leads included, not sure what it's
worth , any ideas plz.

Martin Rattmann
(  2016-07-22 19:42:09
Hi there, a small but important update to the famous users: Thomas Dolby on
Golden Age Of Wireless....perfect album, SDS V at itˋs best, esp. on "one
of uur submarines" and "flying north"...along with some beautiful moogs, ppgs,
rolands and solina strings...hauntingly beautiful! great site, thank you,
cheers, have a nice day, martin.

(  2016-07-01 13:50:43
SDX HELP >> Does anyone have wiring specs/diagram for the main power board or
any tech docs ? Need to bring my SDX back to life.

(  2016-06-30 01:02:42 home
HI,Anyone got a copy of a Simmons ads 9 brain/module schematics? Cheers.