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die meisten Seitenbesucher sprechen kein Deutsch, interessieren sich aber trotzdem auch für die Beiträge. Es wäre daher toll, wenn Du Beiträge in englisch verfassen könntest, falls sie inhaltlich von allgemeinem Interesse sind.
Vielen Dank

(  2016-07-01 13:50:43
SDX HELP >> Does anyone have wiring specs/diagram for the main power board or
any tech docs ? Need to bring my SDX back to life.

(  2016-06-30 01:02:42 home
HI,Anyone got a copy of a Simmons ads 9 brain/module schematics? Cheers.

August Hansen
(  2016-06-06 04:25:28
Is it possible to get Dave Simmons to sign on of my drum pads. it would be a
treasure I would keep with pride all of my life.

Thanks, August Hansen

August Hansen
(  2016-04-09 15:30:40
I have been in love with these drums since I first saw them! Now I am looking
for a complete kit SDS(any) please help fulfill a dream and email me if you know
of a complete kit for sale. Thanks, August

Rob Moya
(  2016-01-26 06:33:49
Hello, My SDSV brain when hitting the rocker power switch I am tripping my
circut breaker in the house, any ideas?
Thank you so much

John Turpin
(  2016-01-16 04:04:32
I just bought some old pads and have no info on them. Actually a 5 piece but
the sensitivity is crap on them and I'm using a newer brain. Do you have to use
an old 80's style brain for the old hex pads or will anyone do?

(  2015-12-30 21:26:17
Hi everybody..!!
I need help,please.
I need the sds9 schematic's diagram.
Can you help me...??

(  2015-12-14 12:09:48
Hi there.!!
Any kind heart out there.??
I need the schematics diagram of SDS9 brain.
God bless you.

Christopher Cathode
(  2015-11-28 01:48:51 home
WHY? Why did it all have to go extinct?
Where is Dave Simmons, bless his heart??

Paul Caswell
(  2015-11-18 22:26:30
The synth drum sounds on used by rusty Egan on visage and Warren can on the
Vienna were they the Sds 3